Wall Mount Fiber Optic NID Terminal Box FTTH02C

  • NID terminal box
  • FTTH02C
  • IP65
  • SC ,LC
  • wall mountable

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Fiber optic Network Interface Devices(NID) applicate for protect fiber optic connectors and splices in indoor or outdoor environments (IP65 Rated). Each enclosure has a built in, swing-out mini splice tray and a bulkhead panel with SC footprint adapter ports. Cable access ports feature built in weather-tight grommets that allow for easy cable installation.


For Wall Mount Applications

Built In Swing-out Mini Splice Tray (4 Splices)

Bulkhead Panel for 2 SC Simplex/LC Duplex Adapters (SC Footprint)

IP65 Rated, Weather Tight Grommets

2 Entry Ports

Locking Door with Key

Suitable for Outdoor or Indoor Cable

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