VF45-LC duplex Fiber Optic Patch Cords

  • Suitable for SMF or MMF cable
  • 100% tested and individual package
  • Watertight design for outdoor use
  • Low insertion and high return loss
  • Different cores are optional
  • Excellent exchangeability

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Brief Introduction

VF45 fiber patch cords easy to insert like RJ-45 plug. Volition VF-45 plug and fiber optic patch cables are used in the fiber to desk solutions . The VF-45 plugs and recetacles work like 8-pin modular jacks for fiber- optic applications. The VF-45 receptacle can be terminates on-site in the telecommunications patch panel and in the building horizontal cabling, requiring less than 1 minut to terminate the two fibers.

Factory termination VF-45 plug in the jumper plug to the socket or socket interconnection to the sending and receiving devices. VF-45 patch can have different lengths with ST and SC mixed configuration interface. All of the VF-45 jumper with innovative “GGP” high-strength coated optical fiber manufacturing, has a durability of desktop applications and tight bending radius. VF-45 optical fiber interconnection meet to satisfy the most demanding consumers and select TIA,IEC specification requirements. VF-45 interconnection is the core of providing affordable fiber optic premises cabling solutions.


Design of plug-type socket(without adapter)

High density interconnection

V Duplex-slot connections and injection moulded parts

RJ-45 latch

4 mechanical installation components closely



Telecom / Datacom, LANs, CATV

Fiber to the Home, Premises Distribution

Gigabit Applications (Ethernet, ATM, SONET, etc.)


Item Specifications
Attenuation <0.75 dB max
Reflection: >20 dB max
Mating durability: 500 cycle, <0.75 dB max
Strength of coupling: >33N, <0.75 dB max
Plug cable retention: Tensile load>66N, Side Pull>6.6N,<0.75 dB max
Plug flex: 100 Cycles,±90degree,0.5kg,<0.75 dB max
Plug twist: 10Cycles, ±2.5revolutions,15N, <0.75 dB max
Cold: -10℃ for 96 hours, <0.3dB increase
Heat: +60℃ for 14days, <0.3dB increase
Thermal cycling: -10℃ to 60℃,5 Cycles, <0.3dB increase
Vibration: 10 to 55 Hz, 30min. Each axis,<0.3dB increase
Connector style: Crimp,Polish
Connector type: VF45-LC


From the material and produce , we are strictly control each parts.








Pakaging and logistic:

Packaging and logistics


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