Tube distribution closure TDC

Advantages & Features

  • Blown fiber closure
  • TDC
  • IP68
  • 7way TDC
  • Mirco tube closure
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Product details for Tube distribution closure TDC

Tube Distribution Closure for microtube solutions

The Tube distribution closure (TDC) is a direct bury inline sealed closure (IP 68 Rated) .designed for intercepting a blown fibre tube cable. duct assembly to a allow multiple spur-off’s to smaller blown fibre tube cables or ducts.


Material Shell ABS
Spaoers Nylon
Seal TPE
Port supports Polyproplyene
Clamp plates Nylon
All metal parts Stainless Steel. Except for nickel plated brass threaded inserts
Dimensions Length 316mm(12.4”)
Width 220mm(8.7”)
Height 70mm(2.8”)
Weight 1232g(43.5oz)
Color black
IP Grade IP68
Application DB or DL


Lower shell(1pc) Self-tapping Pozi-driv countersunk screws- 13mm (4pcs)
Upper shell(1pc) Self-tapping Pozi-driv countersunk screws- 19mm (4pcs)
Seal(1pc) Self-tapping Pozi-driv countersunk screws- 25mm (4pcs)
Captive screws(14pcs) Cable ties 3.5*150mm(4pcs)
Threaded inserts(14pcs) Port supports(4pcs)
Clamping plates(6pcs) 19-44mm Hose Clips(2pcs)
Spacers-8mm(4pcs) 11-16mm Hose Clips(4pcs)


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