SMA905-E2000 MM fiber jumper for medical solutions

  • SMA905-E2000/UPC
  • 200UM
  • 400um
  • customized

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SMA905-E2000 MM fiber jumper for medical solutions

With the developing of the fiber optic technology, more and more fiber optic superior capabilities in transmitting a wide range of communications signals in be recognized by medical device manufacturers. Popular integrated into sensors, imaging and minimally invasive surgical systems.

The fiber optic assembles most popular in the medical device is the E2000, SMA and MTP types assembles. Like the SMA905 fiber optic pigtails, E2000 fiber optic pigtails, MTP fiber optic pigtails.

Today, we are going to learn more about the SMA905-E2000 MM fiber jumper for medical solutions.

What is SMA905-E2000 MM fiber optic jumper?

Fiber optic jumper is assembled fiber optic cable with two connectors: SMA905 and E2000, and the SMA905 connector should be use the metal ferrule and the hole sizes from 80um to 2300um available. Suitable for high power laser delivery. E2000 connector has two type, E2000/UPC or E2000/APC those two types connector has difference core size. This connector end face type should be clear when order. The two connectors assembled with the MM fiber optic cable. The most used fiber core types are 400um, 400um, 200um and other size depend on solutions requirements. The fiber length also is according to the medical device requirement.











How SMA905-E2000MM Fiber jumper works in medicine?

The SMA905-E2000 MM fiber optic jumper applications in medicine are diagnose, light illumination, transfer images, therapy, etc.

The fiber optic fiber can be applied in researches of blood vessels, lungs, and other human organs, doctors use the endoscope what is a medical instrument made of insert two optical fiber bundles into one long tube to make visual analysis and treatment of various diseases.

The arthroscopy also use fiber optics. Optic fibers in the arthroscopy allow measuring temperature and other body parameters as well as during surgical procedures.

Where to buy the customized SMA905-E2000 MM fiber optic jumper?

Quoau is supply the OEM&ODM service of the medical fiber optic jumper. Customized service available. Skilled workers. 3D test of the fiber optic jumpers to control the best quality special fibers and jumpers.



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