1×2 FC Single Mode Single WindowFBT Fiber Optic Splitter

1x2 FC Single Mode Single WindowFBT Fiber Optic Splitter
  • Different splitting ratios for options
  • 1310nm,1490nm or 1550nm wavelengths
  • ABS,Steel tube or LGX seal
  • Low insertion loss and high directivity
  • Low PDL and high excess loss

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Single Mode Single Window FBT Fiber Optic Splitter, also called fbt fused optical splitter, fiber optic coupler, is a device applied in optical fiber systems with one or more input fibers and one or several output fibers.the fused optical splitter can be divided into different ratios. such as 50/50 if the split is even, or 80/20 if 80% of the signal goes to one side and only 20% to the other. You can choose from 1310nm,1490nm or 1550nm for single window and any of the two wavelengths for dual windows.


Different combinations of coupling ratio
Low crosstalk & excess loss
High optical return loss
Available in dual/three wavelength operation
Optional connector termination upon request
Available in 250um & 900um fiber, 2mm or 3mm


Local ring net, Optical fiber communication system
Optical fiber test equipment
Optical fiber sensor


Parameter Single-mode Fiber Optic Splitter Type
   Configuration NX4 N×8 N×16 NX32
Parameter     N=1,2,4 N=1,2,8 N=1,2,16 N=1,2,32
Grade Grade A
Wavelength (nm) 1310nm ,1550nm,1310&1550nm,1310&1490&1550nm
Bandwidth (nm) 13/15±40nm,1490±10nm
Max. Excess Loss 0.3dB 0.45dB 0.6dB 0.78dB
Typical IL 6.3dB 9.5dB 12.8dB 16.2dB
Max.IL 7.8dB 10.4dB 13.8dB 17.2dB
Polarization DL ≤0.2dB ≤0.3dB ≤0.4dB ≤0.5dB
Uniformity(dB) 1.2dB 1.8dB 2.4dB 3dB
Thermal Stability ≤0.2dB /℃ ≤0.3dB /℃ ≤0.4dB /℃ ≤0.5dB /℃
Directivity (dB) ≥60dB
Temperature(℃) -40℃to +85℃
Package Type 1.bare fiber                                                                                                                               2.0.9/2.0/3.0mm loose tube,3.connector type: FC/APC,FC/PC,SC/APC,SC/PC, all are optional

Order Information

Wavelength Package Size Ports Fiber Types Fiber Cable Connector
13=1310nm FB=bare fiber 102 0=G652D 1=250um 0=0m 1=SC/APC
14=1490nm ST=stainless 103 1=G657A 2=900mm 1=1m 2=SC/PC
15=1550nm Steel tube 104 C=customize 3=2.0mm 2=1.5m 3=FC/APC
35=1310nm PB=plastic 105 4=3.0mm 3=2.0m 4=FC/PC
&1550nm MB=Metal ……. C=customize 5=ST/APC
345=1310&1490 196 6=ST/PC
&1550nm 203 7=LC/APC
204 8=LC/PC
205 9=Customize

Single Mode FBT Fiber Optic Splitter details show as below:


1 to 2 singlemode abs module fused type optical fiber splitter with lc pc connectors


1×4 Single Mode FBT Splitter with SC APC connector

Single Mode FBT Fiber Optic Splitter more types:



1x2 Single Mode FBT Splitter with SC UPC connector

1×2 Single Mode FBT Splitter with SC UPC connector

Pakaging and logistic:

Packaging and logistics

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