Reel-in-a-Box Cabling Solution EZ BEND SM 1 FIBER

  • G.657B3
  • Simplex & duplex
  • SM

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Reel-in-a-Box Cabling Solution EZ BEND SM 1 FIBER Ruggedized Cables, users have expanded options for MDU, in-home wiring and aggressive, space-constrained routing environments. When a low profile and durability are needed,select the 3.0 mm product. For more demanding deployments,the EZ-Bend 4.8 Ruggedized Cable is ideal. EZ-Bend cables are offered in indoor/outdoor, riser, plenum, and dual-rated low-smoke zero-halogen (LSZH) constructions. These cables can be routed around corners and stapled using traditional fast and easy installation practices, with negligible signal loss.

• 3.0 and 4.8 diameter ruggedized cordage
• Less than 0.1 dB macrobending attenuation at 1550 nm for 1
turn at 5 mm fiber bend radius
• Macrobending attenuation less than 0.3 dB/Riser version
and 0.5 dB/LSZH version at 1550 nm when subjected to
MDU Simulation Test called out by ICEA S-115-730
• Solid construction fiber with macrobending performance far
better than ITU G.657.B3 requirements
• Backward compatible with installed G.652.D fibers
• Conform to UL® Riser and Plenum fire ratings
• Compliant with Telcordia 409 & ICEA S-83-596 requirements
• Dry water-blocked core to protect against water ingress
• Reinforced solid jacket construction naturally limits cable
bending to control macrobending attenuation and protect
fiber reliability

• Staple friendly: Ruggedized cords designed to allow
common stapling methods
• MDU and In-Home Optimized: Ideal for in-residence wiring
and difficult installation routes in MDU overbuilds
• Faster, easier installation: no extra steps to install bend
limiters, conduits, or raceways
• Compact installation and storage: Conforms to building;
slack fits in small spaces
• Fast, easy, low loss splicing to G.652.D fiber with existing
core and clad aligned splice equipment
• Familiar, standard connector termination: Solid fiber
construction can be terminated using standard optical
connectors and polishing techniques
• Familiar connector endface cleaning using same process
as with existing G.652 solid construction fiber
• Greener Solution: Free of heavy metals and RoHScompliant;
solution uses fewer total materials and energy
than copper solutions

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