FullAXS-LC Fiber Feeder cable 100% Free Sample

FullAXS is a sealing system for optical and electrical interfaces which mates directly into the SFP modules through a bulkhead construction.
The 3-step sealing system is designed to accommodate for a large tolerance in Z-direction and therefore accepts different transceiver modules

FTTX terminal BOX CTO16MC 100% Free Sample

FTTX terminal BOX CTO16MC

CTO48 multioperator distribution cabinet 100% Free Sample

The CTO48 multioperator distribution cabinet is fiber optic hub, up to 48cores

OTDR fiber rings SCAPC 100% Free Sample

OTDR Launch Cables and Fiber Rings SC/APC to SC/APC minimize the effect of OTDR dead zone

Wall Mount Fiber Optic NID Terminal Box FTTH02C 100% Free Sample

This optical termination box with a lockable door accommodates the termination of 4 fibers with LC duplex adaptor.

Tube distribution closure TDC 100% Free Sample

Tube Distribution Closure for microtube solutions

Fiber optic Lauch leads SC 100% Free Sample

OTDR fiber optic launch box is the OTDR test extension line for test the blind area

Compact splice boxes SC-DX 6ports DIN rail fiber enclosure 100% Free Sample

DIN rail mounted box fiber enclosure for SC LC ST single mode ,multi mode, simplex and duplex adapters, ports are OEM possible acccording to clients requirment.

Cable clamp for FTTH ADSS cables ACADSS8 100% Free Sample

FO figure of 8 cable clamp, steel or FRP Messenger reinforced Ø 8 – 10mm

FTTH FIGURE 8 Anchoring clamp AC68L260 100% Free Sample

Overview Minimu […]

Unmanaged industrial Ethernet Switch POE+ 5 ports 100M Industrial POE Switch 100% Free Sample

Unmanaged industrial Ethernet Switch 5port 100M Industrial POE Switch

Full Gigabit Unmanaged PoE Industrial Ethernet Switches TW506A 100% Free Sample

2fiber 4 POE 1000M unmanaged POE DIN rail industrial grades Ethernet switch

Caja FTTX Distribucion 8 cores FOSCM8B 100% Free Sample

Caja FTTX Distribucion 8 cores FOSCM8B is a sealing type 8cores inline fiber to home termianl distribution box

Inflatable Duct Sealer 100% Free Sample

IDSS-100 Inflatable duct sealing system wraps around cables in the ducts of manholes or exchange vaults. The product effectively seals telephone cable ducts, stopping or preventing water from leaking into the manhole or vault.

AGC FTTH CATV fiber optic mini receiver node WDM 100% Free Sample

CATV FTTH Optical Fiber Mini receiver high output level with WDM

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