SC Fiber Optic Adapter 100% Free Sample

sc fiber optic adapter includes sc simplex, duplex fiber optic adapter in single mode or multimode type. the usual polishing type is pc,upc and fiber optic adapter is mainly used with sc fiber optic pigtail,fiber optic patch cord and patch panel.

New product 2016 Fiber optica pedestal ODP02A 100% Free Sample

High Quality Fiber Optic Pedestal is used for connect and protect the ftth items during the fiber to home solutions. It is a point when the bone fiber optic cable disbution to the bulidling.

24ports Indoor Outdoor FTTH Splitter Terminal (distribution) Box FTTH24B Grey 100% Free Sample

24ports Indoor/Outdoor FTTH Splitter Terminal Box (ftth optical distribution box) can be installed with 24pcs sc,fc,lc fiber optic adapter to fix and splice & fiber optic pigtails. there are various designs for 24 cores ftth optical distribution box to fit the ftth network cabling.


New product 2016 optical distribution point ODP pedestal ODP01A 100% Free Sample

Optical Distribution Point (ODP) Pedestal ODP01A is a new product in the fiber optic field, it is use to protect the optic distribution box to intallation underground .

VF45-LC duplex Fiber Optic Patch Cords 100% Free Sample

Factory directly supply the VF45-LC/SC/ST fiber optic patch cables with high quality, OEM&ODM service is possible .

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