Mini SC connector FTTH Drop cable jumpers

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Huawei Mini SC APC Connector Fiber Optical Patch Jumper With FTTH Drop Patch Cable

– Huawei MINI SC/APC to SC APC GYFJH Simplex SM G657A1 fiber Patch cable assembly.
– Mini SC Connector contains an adaptor and inner connector as the basis for coupling inside the adaptor/connector housing.

– The product ensures reliability and compatibility with a wide range of SC, LC and MPO connectors currently on the market.

– Products have been designed and tested to meet the stringent requirements necessary in environmental protection for outdoor application.

– We provide purpose-built and cost ef ective solutions that meet the technical and operational needs of both large and small scale SDU and MDU FTTH roll outs.

– Our solutions include standard and OEM compatible Aerial and Direct Burial Flat Drops, as well as Indoor/Outdoor drops featuring micro armored and non-armored constructions in 2.0mm, 3mm and 4.6mm cable sizes.


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