LC Internal Shutter Adapter No Flange

  • shuttered LC couplers
  • LC-Duplex-SM-inner shuttered
  • fiber optic LC adpter

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LC Internal Shutter Adapter No Flange is designed has been designed to meet this growing need.
You can actuate this integrated, retractable shutter inside the adapter body by inserting the LC connector into the adapter. The shutter automatically opens as you insert the LC connector, and closes as you extract it. Due to the special design of the shutter, it will not touch the
ferrule end face when you insert a connector, thus preventing end-face damage. The internal shutter prevents eye exposure to lasers and
provides protection from dust and other contaminants.

Compatible with standard LC connectors
Internal automatic shutter protects against dust and contaminants; The shutter is automatic and retracts or opens with the insertion or removal of LC connectors
Available in duplex and quad, with or without flange mount ears, and in Aqua, Beige, Black or Blue
Visible light can be still be seen through the adapter if trying to trace signal via a light source
ZR alignment sleeve withs with Multimode and Single mode applications

High EMI/RFI environments
Racks and Panels
Server room

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