Inflatable Duct Sealer

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  • IDSS-100
  • Inflatable Duct Sealer
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Inflatable DuctSealing System for power cables and telephone cables.

Inflatable Duct Sealer is  suitable for use with polyethylene or lead sheath cables in the plastic, concrete, or steel ducts of wall feedthrough systems. It permits cable movement while retaining its sealing properties. The TDUX system has been tested in severe environmental conditions and is air-tight up to 7 psi (50kPa). The TDUX duct sealing system is water-tight in depths up to 16 ft. (5m).


IDSS-100 Inflatable Duct Sealer

IDSS-100 Inflatable Duct Sealer

Inflatable DuctSealing System

IDSS-100 Inflatable Duct Sealer `

Inflatable DuctSealing System


  1. For power cables
  2. For two or more cables,sealing clips are required
  3. Inflation tool is avaiable to provide
  4. Caisters of compressed air or CO2 ARE COMPATIBLE
  5. Each seal covers a large range of cable and duct diameters
  6. IDSS seals can be installed when water is still flowing out of the duct_saving valuable installation time
  7. Use not only for new cable installations but also for existing applications
  8. IDSS seals can be quickly and easily removed from a dut or pipe by deflation

Order informations:

Item No. Item outside measure(L*W)mm Cable diameter (mm) Cable diameter(inch)
IDSS-60 120*230 45-60 2”
IDSS-75 120*270 45-75 3”
IDSS-100 120*370 75-100 4”
IDSS-125 120*440 90-125 5”
IDSS-150 120*540 100-150 6”
IDSS-175 120*610 125-175 7.3”
IDSS-200 120*680 125-200 7.8”
IDSS-250 120*850 200-250 9.8”
IDSS-300 120*1020 250-300 11.8”


Inflatable cable duct sealing system bag..

For two or more cables

Inflatable cable duct sealing system bag

For one cable duct


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