Huawei waterproof mini-sc field installable reinforce connector

  • field fast connector
  • IP68
  • CTO applications
  • water-proof
  • $3.6/set

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Huawei field installable reinforce connectors mini-sc are factory pre-polished connectors that completely eliminate the need for hand polishing in the field. These connectors are compatible with 250µm and 900µm optical fibers, as well as 900µm, 2mm and 3mm cordage.

Huawei field installable reinforce connector mini-sc is designed for the FTTA distribution box IP67 waterproof.

All primary fiber types are supported, and each connector is color coded per industry-standard requirements to aide in identification during and after installation. A factory-installed wedge clip (included with each connector) is removed and discarded upon completion of the termination. Incorporated into this device is an innovative, translucent wedge enabling the use of a common VFL to provide a “”pass/fail”” signal once physical contact is achieved.


  • Pre-stubbed, factory-polished ferrule
  • No epoxy required
  • Precision mechanical alignment insures low loss
  • Fiber can be reseated
  • 900µm boot provided with each connector. 2mm and 3mm boots are also available separately.
  • VFI can be used to confirm fiber is installed properly
  • Meets TIA/EIA 568A performance requirements
  • Meets TIA/EIA 604 (focis) connector interface requirements


  • Premise environments
  • Connections at the desk for LAN environments
  • Patch panels
  • Direct equipment termination
  • Fiber to the Subscriber (FTTx) applications
  • Repair and replacement requirements
  • Equipment test leads

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