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GPON ONT ONU TWGN2000-04GS-2VWT Integrated with powerful interoperability and low cost, GPON GN2000 series ONU provide triple-play services to the subscribers in FTTx application.

Equipped with2.5G Downstream and 1.25G Upstream GPON interface compliant with ITU-T G.984 standard, GN2000 series ONU support the comprehensivetriple-playservices, including voice, video (IPTV or VoD), and high-speed internet access service.

Hardware Specification

Specification TWGN2000-04GS-2VWT
PON Interface Rate Upstream:1.244Gbps


Interface standard Class B+
Optical output rate +0.5~+5dBm
Receiving sensitivity -27dBm
Receiving saturability -8dBm
Service Interface PON interface 1
Data interface 4*10/100/1000Base-T
POTS interface 2
WIFI interface Compliant with 802.11n standard, maximum support the rate of 300Mbps
RF interface 1
USB interface 1
Dimension 228mm(L)*176mm(W)*41mm(H)
Weight 210g
Power Supply External power adapter, 12V/1.5A
Power Consumption <13.4W
Working Environment Temperature 0oC to +40o C
Humidity 10% to 95%  (no condensing)


Software Feature

Feature TWGN2000-04GS-2VWT
GPON feature l  Compliant with ITU-T G.984 GPON standard

l  FEC (Forward Error Correction) in both upstream and downstream

l  Dynamic bandwidth status report

l  802.1p mapper for upstream

l  QoS scheduling based on SP or WRR between GEM port and T-CONT

l  Downstream multicast GEM port and broadcast GEM port

Ethernet Feature l   Support Auto-speed and MDI/MDIX auto detection

l   Internal L2 switch

l  Advanced data processing function, such as VLAN label processing, flow classification and packet filtering.

Gateway Feature l   WAN support Routerand Bridge mode

l   Router mode supportsPPPoE/DHCP/ static IP

l   WAN support Internet、VoIP、IPTV、TR069

l   LAN supports DHCP and static IP

l   Support NAT and NAPT

l  Support UPnP

VoIP Feature l   Support SIP (RFC3261) or MEGACO v2 (H.248)

l   Support Voice coding: ITU-T G.711/G.723/G.726/G.729, auto-negotiate with call agent

l   Support Echo cancellation exceeding ITU-T G.165/G.168-2002, up to 128ms tail length

l   Support high/low speed fax/Modem, bypass fax, and T38 fax

l   Support InBand / RFC2833/SIP INFO, MD5 authentication, call forward,call waiting, hot-line call, and all kinds of value-added voice service. Multi-party conferencing

l  Support Line testing according to GR-909

CATV Feature l   RF output frequency:45~1000MHz

l   RF output level(dbuv):≥70

l   AGC dynamic range(DBM):-12 ~ + 2

l  CATVReceived optical power range:  -15 ~ -5 dBm

WIFI feature l  Compatible with IEEE 802.11 b/g/n, maximum support 300Mbps

l  Internal 2×2 MIMO antenna

l  Single frequency 2.4GHz

l  WEP、WPA-PSK、WPA2-PSK and other encryption

OAM feature l  Standard OMCI (the embedded operations channel)compliant with ITU-T G.988

l  Compliant with TR-069 standard

l  Compliant with TR-098、TR-140 terminal integrated management interface specification, configuration of all kinds of services, including Ethernet、VoIP、WLAN, etc

l  Alarm reporting, performance monitoring

l  Remote software upgrade through OMCI


Ordering Information:

Model Product Description
TWGN2000-04GS-2VWT GPON ONU 4GE+2POTS+CATV+WIFI, plastic shell, external power adapter

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