FullAXS-LC Fiber Feeder cable

  • Fullaxs-LC Fiber Feeder cable
  • IP68
  • FTTA solution
  • OEM service

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FullAXS-LC Fiber Feeder cable to Antenna
All types of base station applications are supported with different fiber optic cable types and special connectors.

Ericssion plays a leading role in the design and manufacture of demanding ambient connectors (ODC and Q-XCO) for remote radio systems and special cable applications.

FTTA Fiber feeders can be used in all Remote Radio Head applications (2G, 3G, 4G, Wimax, Microwave P2P Lines).

With its rugged design, it is resistant to harsh installation conditions.
Standard meter cable applications are available from stock and special meter applications can be produced and delivered in a short time.
Cable Diameters; It can be 4.8mm, 5.5mm or 7mm. You can find the details about the cables in the table below.
All cables are rodent resistant.
All cables are fabricated 100% tested would be manufactured.

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