FTTX water proof fast connect multi port distribution box

  • Fast connect
  • IP67
  • FTTA

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FTTX water proof fast connect multi port distribution box  is a new economic fiber distributed solution for outdoor use. Compare traditional products, FTTX Enclosure is easy to operate and has high compatibility. It can be used for wall-mounting, aerial installation or holding pole installation, based on different situation.FTTX Enclosure not only used in FTTH field, but also used in FTTA or other harsh environment.

FTTX water proof fast connect multi port distribution box suitable for the bundle connection project, mini SC adapter, plc splitter , ODVA-LC adapter. AARC(DOC) adapter, H-connector adapter

FTTX Enclosure Application :

Traditional solution use ONU or FDH (Optical Network Unit/Fiber Distribution Hub), when trunk optical cable arrives to outside of mansions and villas. FTTX Enclosure can replace ONU or FDH because it has fiber distribution function. Inside, it can be fixed 2-4pcs 1*8 or 1*16 PLC, and can be put 24pcs fiber splice protection sleeves. After mating with 1-48F IP67 pre-assembled waterproof connector, FTTX Enclosure can connect each mansion and villa or low voltage silo directly. It can be fixed outside of mansions and villas, or holding pole installation. FTTX Enclosure can reduce signal loss through less connecting node. For in factory pre-assembled FTTX Enclosure, it’s no need high skill operator because of no fiber splice operation. Installation efficiency can be increased by 40%.

FTTA field

Traditionally, Remote Radio Unit (RRU) and Building Base band Unit (BBU) connected by optical fiber cable, formed star network topology. Each RRU need one duplex outdoor cable link to BBU. Installation will need more time and cost will be high.FTTX Enclosure work as an Aggregation/Demark box, link RRU and BBU together. From BBU to FTTX Enclosure, only need one multi-fiber hybrid cable. Then FTTX Enclosure divide fibers to each RRU through IP67 pre-assembled waterproof cable assemblies. RRU can get power through assembled power connector on FTTX Enclosure.It can avoid needless duplication.

Trunk Cable Connecting
Trunk cable needs to be fusion welded frequently because of each drum cable length limited. So connecting point is weak and need to be protected very well. When trunk cable comes into FTTX Enclosure, it will be sealed and fixed by torsion proof cable gland (plastic or metal type). For 5mm-14mm out diameter cable,FTTX Enclosure has different accessories to fit. Torsion gland can release stress when trunk cable bending and protect fiber avoid breaking. Inside of the FTTX Enclosure, main cable and strength member were fixed by fastener, which make sure the box can stand 1200N pulling force long term. Splice protection sleeve (Max. 24pcs) and PLC (Max.2pcs) can be fixed on the body, which make FTTX Enclosure fiber divided very easy. Anti-skid design on the base case, which makes sure FTTX Enclosure holds wire/pole firmly.

Prospecting or Military Communication
The cable will be replayed frequently, when prospecting or military communication. Normal connector and cable cannot stand frequently and high strength pulling and reuse. Inside of the FTTX Enclosure, armored cable and strength member were fixed by fastener, which make sure the box can stand 1200N pulling force long term. It’s very suitable for field use, especially in star network communications. High strength material and arc interface design make sure FTTX Enclosure work abnormally when suffer shocks.

Features and Benefits:

*High compatibility: can be assembled ODVA, Hconn (OptiTap compatible), Mini SC, ODC, PTLC, PTMPO or power adapter.
*Factory-sealed or field assembly.
*Strong enough: working under 1200N pulling force long term.
*From 2 to 12 ports for single or multi-fiber harsh connectors.
*Available with PLC or splice sleeve for fiber divide .
*IP68 waterproof rating.
*Wall-mounting, aerial installation or holding pole installation.
* Decreased angle surface and height make sure no connector interfering when operating.
*Meet IEC 61753-1 standard.
*Cost effective: save 40% operating time.


Dimension  L*W*H 365*137*90mm without cover    375*142*120mm with cover
Ingress Protection IP67
Temperature Range -40~+80°
Cable Strength Member Armored or None Armored
Cable Type Hybrid or None Hybrid
Round Cable OD 5.0mm to 14 mm
Flat Cable Dimension 4.6*8.9mm
Cable Jacket Material LSZH , TPU or PE
Bending Radius 20D
Cable Crush Resistance 200N/cm long term
Tensile Strength 1200N long term
UV Resistance ISO 4892-3
Fire Protection Rating UL 94-V0
Number of PLC 1-2 PCS
Number of Protection Sleeves 1-24PCS

Order Information:

Adapter Ports Mode Cable Cable Type PLC Fusion Sleeve Terminator Installation Method
Mini SC (1F) 6 SM-G652D 1 Round Armored With PLC With fusion Sleeve Hardened SC Wall-mounting
Harened(1F) 8 SM-G657A2 2 Round no-armored No PLC No fusion


ODVA Aerial
ODVA(1F &2F) 12 MM 50/125 4 Flat     AARC Pole holding
PTLC(2F)   MM 62.5/125 8 Round Hybrid     PTLC  
AARC(2F&4F)     Customized       PTMPO  
3P power socket             NA  

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