Vertical OEM&ODM Outdoor Fiber-optic Splice Closures FOSCDC

  • Max capacity 96 cores for buddle fiber cable
  • Wall-mounted,pole mounting,aerial,pipe-lined,manhole
  • Heat shrink sealing and suitable for Diameter 10 - 17mm cable
  • Protection grade is IP68
  • Excellent inner design for fiber bending radius
  • Enterprise standard with many national patents
  • Adopt high grade material to ensure long lifetime

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Vertical OEM&ODM Outdoor Fiber-optic Splice Closures FOSCDC provide with 4 fiber cable in-out ports;The products are made of the high quality material and with the mechanical sealing structure filled with the sealing material,can be used in the harsh weather;The external components and fastening parts are all made of stainless steel;It can be reopened and reused without changing sealing sealing material;It can be used in aerial,duct,and direct buried application.

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