FOSCD504 Dome type multi-function fiber optical splice closure

  • IP68
  • 1X8 PLC splitter
  • 24units SC adapters
  • 220(D) × 490(H)

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Multi-function fiber optical splice closures can be used both for the protection of various straight-through and branching, and for the construction of fiber-optic network to achieve the wiring of fiber to the home (FTTH). Also, the connectors can be used for the splicing of some main optical cables and branching optical cables, and the splicing of some main optical cables and tail fibers or pigtail optical cables, and they can be connected to the optical switching devices through patch cords. Therefore, the splicing unit within the network box, wiring unit, part material of the network box housing, optical cables connected to the network box from the closures and the whole operation process can be excluded.



Advanced internal structure design

Easy to re-enter, it never requires re-entry tool it

The closure is spacious enough for winding and storing fibers

Fiber Optic Splice Trays(FOSTs) are design in SLIDE-IN-LOCK and its opening angle is about 90°

The curved diameter meets with international standard

Easy and fast to increase and reduce FOSTs

Straight-through for uncutting and branching for cutting the fiber

Lay adapters suit for FTTH and easy to operate



Suitable for bunchy fibers

Underground, wall-mounting, hand hole-mounting, pole-mounting and duct-mounting





Splice tray:







Ordering informations:

Type Fibers/Tray Max. Capacity Tray# Adapter and No. of panel Suitable Cable

Dia. allowed(mm)

FOSCD504 12F 96cores

24pcs adaptors

031 6pcs FC adaptors/Panel,

1-4pcs of adaptor panel

2 round ports: 21mm

4 round ports: 16mm

8pcs SC adaptors/Panel,

1-3pcs of adaptor panel

24F 032 8pcs ST adaptors/Panel,

1-3pcs of adaptor panel

8pcs LC adaptors/Panel,

1-3pcs of adaptor panel



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