Filter Wavelength Division Multiplexer 1×2 FWDM

  • FWDM
  • WDM
  • 1310/1490/1550

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Filter Wavelength Division Multiplexer 1×2 FWDM

Red/Blue filter is an additional passive component for WDM optical networks. It is often used to increase bandwidth and reduce link insertion loss in high-channel count DWDM systems. Actually, it is just like a regular Filter-based WDM (FWDM), with the only difference that the wavelengths are split in Red/Blue filter while bonded in WDM. DWDM Red/Blue C-band Filter is used to separate or combine Red and Blue band wavelength signals in C-band DWDM systems and high-power amplification systems. Powerlink provides custom channel and custom band filters to meet special control and applications. The filter units are available with steel tubes, ABS boxes, rack mounts or custom mount designs.

1×2 DWDM Red/Blue C Band Filter with Non-Flux Metal Bonding Micro Optics Package
Powerlink 1×2 DWDM Red/Blue Band Filter is a passive micro optics device based on environmentally stable thin film filter technology. It is mainly used to separate or combine Red band wavelength signals and Blue band wavelength signals in C Band, in DWDM systems and high power amplification system . The components are characterized with wide passband, low insertion loss, high return loss, excellent environmental stability and high power handling capability.

Key Features

  1. Low insertion loss and PMD
  2. Wide Operating Wavelength Range
  3. High Channel isolation
  4. Low temperature dependent loss
  5. Epoxy-free optical path
  6. Compaliant with Telcordia

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