Fiber optic termianl box (CTO Caja Terminal optica) FTB16H

  • IP67
  • conncect (Cable de Acometida Huawei )
  • waterproof fast connector
  • pole mountable
  • pole mountable
  • wall mountable

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What is Fiber optic termianl box (CTO Caja Terminal optica) FTB16H ?

 The FDB16H CTO is a new Optical Termination Box. that is being introduced in the new facilities. to supply the functions of other CTO boxes. currently installed in the service network.

Fiber optic termianl box (CTO Caja Terminal optica) FTB16H.

What is CTO Caja Terminal optica for?

 Like the “torpedo” (UCAx), to obtain. from one of its output ports. the signal that we will take to the client. through a fiber cable.

How is CTO Caja Terminal optica used?

 Its main feature is to be a pre-connectorized box. facilitating the operations of the technician of discharges. by not requiring to make fusion. on the fiber that goes to the client’s house.

Fiber optic termianl box (CTO Caja Terminal optica) FTB16H`....

The FDB16H CTO is an external Optical Terminal Box. that will supply the CTO-UCAx (torpedo) in the new facilities. in some cases. the CTO-MB, internal CTO. This pre-connectorized box will already be installed. From here. you will make the attack to the client. The good news is.  you do not need to merge fiber into this box. in the process of registering a new customer.

Fiber optic termianl box (CTO Caja Terminal optica) FTB16H..

The order and numbering of the output ports of the CTO. is the one shown in the image. The connection cable for the FDB CTO is a single-fiber cable. with a Fast Connector connector on one end. (similar to Corning’s Opti-Tap). according to the G.657.A2 standard. This cable will be connected. following the same procedure. used in the Corning UCAx. The cable will go from the CTO to the client’s house.

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