Fiber optic splitter distribution box FAT-24P

  • 24cores
  • 1x24 splitter
  • PC+ABC
  • FTTH terminal box FAT-24P
  • IP65

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Fiber optic splitter distribution box FAT-24P is the ftth access terminal box . suitable for pole and wall mounting application. This FAT-24P fiber optic terminal box used for  fiber storge, split and distribution . Outdoor fiber optic terminal box. Made by PC+ABC raw material.









●The housing material is PC+ ABS
●Duble layer design, upper layer is splitter, lower is for fusion. The fibers distribution
clearly, easy to operate.
●Capacity: 12- 24 cores, 24 SC adaptors
●Can installed two .
●Cable entry points : 16 pcs for drop cable (2* 3mm), 3 pcs for express/cascade cable(Φ
6 mm – Φ 12 mm).
1:8(or 2:8) Module/Cassette/Blockless/Bare PLC Splitter

Technical Index:
◆Insulation resistance: > 2 M 500V
◆Operating temperature – 40 0
◆Connector Loss: ( Insertion. repeatbility, interchangeability) 0 5dB
◆Retrun Loss: PC≥45dB, UPC≥50dB, APC≥60dB

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