Fiber optic Lauch leads SC

Advantages & Features

  • OTDR Lauch box
  • OTDR Launch/Receive Cable
  • Compact, rugged, lightweight
  • variety of connector styles
  • 1KM or OEM
  • Measures 6.25" x 1.25"
  • Dead zone
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Product details for Fiber optic Lauch leads SC

OTDR fiber optic launch box is the OTDR test extension line for test the blind area

The Fiber optic Launch leads SC(otdr launch cable box)

  • mainly used to compensate for the OTDR test blind area,central fiber without any fusion joint,small volume, light weight Easy to carry.
  • single-mode, multimode ( 62.5/125 )
  • length 1KM or customize length
  • loss less than or equal to 0.5dBm/km


Watertight, crushproof, and dust proof

Easy-open, double-step latches

Open cell core with solid wall design- strong light weight

O-ring seal

Automatic Pressure Equalization Valve

Stainless steel components

Ideal for on site and harsh environment use

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