Fiber Access Terminal Box FTBN-16W1

  • 16drop cable
  • IP65
  • 298*180*83mm
  • 16units sc simplex adpaters
  • factory OEM&ODM service

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Fiber Access Terminal Box FTBN-16W1 is the IP65 fiber terminal box suitable for install the PLC steeless tuber type 1×16, 16units of SC simplex adapters. 2 waterproof connectors.








1. Fiber Access Terminal Box FTBN-16W body is made of ABS+PC fiber high quality engineering plastic material with excellent intensity.
2. With good waterproof design, the product can be applied indoor and outdoor for wall-mounted, pole-mounting and aerial hanging.
3. With safe shaped lock, the box can be opened and closed easily.
4. The splice tray is designed with flip page and double layer structure, which is easy to be installed and maintained. For this design, splice and distribution can be can separately completely, which is more reasonable for layout.
5. Protection Level: IP65
6. The angle of opening box is not less than 120°


Item Fiber Access Terminal Box FTBN-16W1
Material ABS+PC
Capacity 16
Dimension 298*180*83mm
Color Black
Inlets/outlets 4/16
Drop cable ports 16cores
Application cable diameter Φ8-12 mm &Φ7-14mm
Sealing structure mechanical sealing
IP grade 65
Midspan Entry Yes
Input cable method Cutting/uncutting
Capacity of splitter 1×16 plc steel tube type


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