FDB-N24A fiber optic distribution box

  • IP65
  • Color grey & black
  • capacity 24units SC Simplex adapter
  • suitable for 1x8 1x16 PLC splitters

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FDB-N24A is a 24-subscriber optical fiber distribution box. It provides a protected access point between the distribution cable and drop cable.

To simplify network installation and maintenance. Its flexible configuration supports 4 kinds of cable routes. Both 900um pigtail type and Blockless type optical splitter could be equipped. Pass-through cable ports provide mid-span function. IP65 is necessary in harsh environment, even with limited space.










Wall or pole mounting,

indoor or outdoor application

Distribution cable enter from top and bottom

Neat fiber management and good protection

Protection grade: IP65

Support mid-span and branching function

1×4, 1×8 and 1×16 splitter (900um pigtail type and
cassette type) could be configured inside

High strength material with good weather adaptability,
fame retardant



Technical Specification

Item Specifications
Weight 1.6kg
Splice capacity 24F
SC adapter capacity 24
Protection level IP65
Color Grey or black
Operating temperature(℃) -40~+65


FDB-N24A series are suitable for the application both on LCP and NAP in the distributed split PON architecture.

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