FAT08E Fiber access terminal box

  • FAT08E
  • 8 SC
  • Fiber access terminal
  • 192*133*47mm
  • IP65

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FAT08E Fiber access terminal box  applicable in FTTH project and suitable for outdoor application. FAT08E Fiber access terminal box can distribute cables with a splitter. FAT08E Fiber access terminal box has the subsequent functions of mechanical splice, fusion splice, distributions, etc.









a. Made of high quality and impact resistant plastics with standard user interface;
b. Can accommodate two 1 :8 splitters or one 1 :16 splitter;
c. With UV, impact and water resistance;
d. Wall and pole mountable, or in aerial application;
e. The adapter (earless SC) bracket is a two-in-one independent component that can be separately installed and
removed, and can be rotated by a certain angle, which is very convenient for operation and can adjust the bending
radius of the outgoing cable;
f. All the four open inlets can be operated without breaking
the optical cable;
g. The structural design of the bottom shell, the reversible flip board and the inner cover makes the incoming and
outgoing cable area, the fusion area, the cable storage area form a closed and independent partition, which is
convenient for management and maintenance.









Techincal Index:

• Optical fiber radius of curvature:>40 mm
• Splice tray additional loss :<0.01 dB
• Working temperature: – 40 °C – + 70 °C
• Side pressure: >2000N / 10 cm
• Impact resistance:>20N.m
• P rotection level: IP65



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