Fabric Innerduct 6428-3 EDGE INNERDUCT, 3.00″, 3-CELL

  • 6428-3
  • 3 cell
  • cable diameter 28mm
  • standard or detectable type
  • OEM service

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Edge Innerduct 3 inch 3-Cell. 6428-3 EDGE INNERDUCT

Standard fabric inner duct is the primary product line used in common outside plant applications, including long lines, under-bridge; road, river and rail borings; under streets and all the way to building entrance points. Standard fabric inner duct is available for conduit sizes ranging from 1″ to 4″, and in 1-, 2- and 3-cell configurations – – giving you the flexibility to choose the right product for your system and applications.

  • Solves cabling issues for smaller ducts, allowing a range of cable sizes
  • Enables overlay of cables in occupied conduits
  • Reduces or eliminates a number of conduits required in new construction
  • Melting point of 419F (almost twice that of HDPE)
  • Resistant to ground chemicals and petroleum products
  • Constructed of PET multifilament and Nylon 6 monofilament yarns
  • Patented fabric design may reduce pulling tension by up to 20% over previous MaxCell versions
  • Made in China




Item #


Cable max diameter

fabric inner duct size(±2.0mm)(mm)

Hole perimeter


Hole Diameter


Overall width A


Seam width B


Fold width C

6428-3 28 118 64 64 5 11

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