Fabric Inner Duct made in china

  • 3cell chain
  • capacity 3 cables
  • Color-coded pull tapes are preinstalled
  • Factory lubricated

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Standard, Detectable, Plenum & Riser. Fabric inner duct refer to the different conduit

application sizes and number of cells/pathways per product type. Most product lines are

offered in all of the product type variations.









A versatile solution for the complex problems faced by today’s engineers, contractors and network providers. Manufactured from internally designed and produced materials, this model yields superior performance over existing rigid innerduct.

Standard fabric inner duct is the primary product line used in common outside plant applications, including long lines, under-bridge; road, river and rail borings; under streets and all the way to building entrance points. Standard fabric inner duct is available for conduit sizes ranging from 1″ to 4″, and in 1-, 2- and 3-cell configurations – – giving you the flexibility to choose the right product for your system and applications.


  • Melt point of 419°F – almost 2X of HDPE
  • Resistant to ground chemicals and petroleum products

Pre-lubed for lower friction during cable installation

  • Pull tape included


Item # Cable max diameter(mm) fabric inner duct size(±2.0mm)(mm)
Hole perimeter Hole Diameter Overall width A Seam width B Fold width C
FZ8638-x 38 163 52 86 4 8
FZ6428-x 28 121 38 64
FZ5624-X 24 103 33 55
FZ5222-x 22 97 31 52
FZ4418-x 18 81 26 44
FZ3614-x 14 65 21 36
FZ3212-x 12 56 18 32
FZ2810-x 10 49 15 28

Physical Characteristics

Tensile strength of textile inner duct

Item # Tensile strength
FZ8638-1 >760kg
FZ8638-2 >1440kg
FZ8638-3 >2120kg
FZ6428-1 >592kg
FZ6428-2 >1104kg
FZ6428-3 >1616kg
FZ5222-1 >496kg
FZ5222-2 >900kg
FZ5222-3 >1300kg
FZ4418-1 >432kg
FZ4418-2 >784kg
FZ4418-3 >1136kg
FZ3614-1 >368kg
FZ3614-2 >650kg
FZ3614-3 >940kg
FZ3212-1 >332kg
FZ3212-2 >584kg
FZ3212-3 >836kg
FZ2810-1 >304kg
FZ2810-2 >528kg
FZ2810-3 >752kg



The ductility of textile sub-pipe should be less than 2% under 50kg tensile force.

Transverse tear strength (seam edge strength)

Transverse tear strength (seam edge strength) should be not less than 80N/cm.

Traction rope breaking strength

Flat traction rope breaking strength should be more than 565kg, round traction rope breaking strength should be more than 450kg.

Sewing requirements

The needle density shall not be less than 2.0±0.2 stitches/cm, the spacing between stitches shall be uniform and neat, the distance between the stitches and the edge shall be consistent, and there shall be no obvious deviation from the left and right.

Abrasion resistance

Load 730g, cycle 90 times/minute, cycle 10000 times, the flexible sub-tube shall not be broken

1.3 Chemical properties

Melting point

The melting point of the textile sub-pipe is greater than 215 ℃

Halogen-free performance

The amount of halogen produced by the burning of the textile sub-pipe should be zero.

Working environment

Textile sub-pipe working temperature should be: -30 ℃ – +100 ℃. Textile sub-pipe should not be exposed to sunlight environment for a long time, it should be used in the communication pipeline.

Service life

In the general air, rainwater and sewage environment of the communication pipeline, textile sub-pipe netting, sewing thread and traction rope should be used for more than 25 years.

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