CTO48 multioperator distribution cabinet

Advantages & Features

  • fiber optic hub
  • 48cores
  • ABS+PC
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Product details for CTO48 multioperator distribution cabinet

The CTO48 multioperator distribution cabinet is fiber optic hub, up to 48cores

Fiber optic Hub

48 optical fibers multioperator distribution cabinet for inside buildings installation, allow connection between multiple operators and customers.

The CTO48 multioperator distribution cabinet is a pooling module for splicing, coupling and stirring up to 48 optical fibers. The modules can be stacked to support configurations of greater capacity or to allow the pooling between building operators and commercial operator. It allows the connection between the cable coming from the outside and the cable of the riser.


Separate compartments for splicing and patching. Each compartment has a door closed by a triangle key system.

Possible scalability depending on the number of operators addressing the building.

Optical cable access left with lashing system.

Standardized dimensions, according to TELEFONICA recommendations.

Data sheet:

With 450mm Protection Grade IP30
Heigth 180mm Max Capacity 48 splices+48 SC adapter
Depth 150mm No. of splitter Max 4pc 1:16
Net weight 3.2kg color Ral7035
Splice tray 4 Working temp. -25°C ~ 55°C (5 to 95% Relative Humidity)
Packing: 4units per carton Measure of carton 57*49*45cm

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