FTTH SC Fast Field Connector

The Optical fast connector is a kind of field-installable connector, which does not require polishing and adhesive. It can be used for splitter termination, optical panel box termination and direct access of ONU equipments, realize all-round coverage of applications in occasions of FTTX.

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Fiber Optic Fast Field Connector

Fiber Optic Fast Field Connector includes SC,FC,ST,LC Fiber Optic Fast Field connector used to connect two fiber or fiber optic cable form a continuous optic patch cable.Fiber Optic fast connector is a type reused passive components.Fiber optic fast connectors were widely used in optical fiber transmission lines,fiber optic distribution frame,fiber optic test instruments,meters. it is the largest number of optical passive use.Fiber optic fast connectors play an important role in the fiber to home solutions . There two types of fiber optic fast connectors: Direct through fiber optic fast connectors and Embedded type fiber optic fast connectors(Fast Field assembly Connector ).

Fiber Optic fast connectors advantages : 1, simple operation, just one cable stripping, construction speed; 2, the operating environment, no special requirements; 3, passive construction; 4, the tool is simple, easy to carry