FABN08D fiber access terminal box

FABN08D fiber access terminal box is best choice for your fiber to home or fiber to building fiber optic distribution box applications. Suitable for indoor or outdoor fiber optic drop cable or flat cables to…

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12 ports Mini DIN Rail mounted fiber splice closure

12ports Mini DIN Rail mounted fiber splice closure is avaiable with up to 24fiber is available with up to 24 fibers and available in patch, splice and MPO fan-out configurations. If more space is needed,…

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Fiber Access Terminal Box FATN08B

Fiber Access Terminal Box FATN08B applicable in FTTH project; Suitable for corridor, basement, room and building’s outer walls application; Fiber Access Terminal Box FATN08B distribute cables after installed splitters, it also may draw out room fiber…

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Fiber optic splitter distribution box FAT-24P

Fiber optic splitter distribution box FAT-24P is the ftth access terminal box . suitable for pole and wall mounting application. This FAT-24P fiber optic terminal box used for  fiber storge, split and distribution . Outdoor…

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FAT08E Fiber access terminal box

FAT08E Fiber access terminal box  applicable in FTTH project and suitable for outdoor application. FAT08E Fiber access terminal box can distribute cables with a splitter. FAT08E Fiber access terminal box has the subsequent functions of…

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Fiber access terminal box FAT-8T

FTTX NAP Caja Distribucion Fibra Optica 8 ports Fiber access terminal box FAT-8T

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FOTB-C01 4 Adapter Slot, 4 Splice Termination Box, 2 Ports

FOTB-C01 4 Adapter Slot, 4 Splice Termination Box, 2 Ports fiber optic terminal box

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LGX Adapter Plate with 6 Duplex LC Blue Adapters

LGX adapte plate

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FTTX water proof fast connect multi port distribution box

Outdoor DSC DLC MPO IP67 FTTA Waterproof Mini SC Optitap Connector Fiber Optic Junction Box

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FTTX terminal BOX CTO16MC

FTTX terminal BOX CTO16MC

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CTO48 MDU Demarcation box

The CTO48 multioperator distribution cabinet is fiber optic hub, up to 48cores

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Wall Mount Fiber Optic NID Terminal Box FTTH02C

This optical termination box with a lockable door accommodates the termination of 4 fibers with LC duplex adaptor.

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Tube distribution closure TDC

Tube Distribution Closure for microtube solutions

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Compact splice boxes SC-DX 6ports DIN rail fiber enclosure

DIN rail mounted box fiber enclosure for SC LC ST single mode ,multi mode, simplex and duplex adapters, ports are OEM possible acccording to clients requirment.

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Cable clamp for FTTH ADSS cables ACADSS8

FO figure of 8 cable clamp, steel or FRP Messenger reinforced Ø 8 – 10mm

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FTTH Solutions
FTTH Solutions is the fiber to home solutions that bring fiber optic to the house.

Advantages of optical fiber communication lies in the following aspects: large communication capacity, transmission distance; anti-electromagnetic interference, transmission quality; small signal crosstalk, good security performance; manufacturing fiber-rich sources of raw materials, can…. save a lot of non-ferrous materials, better environmental protection. So, take FTTH fiber to the home technology is the ideal way to access network. PON (passive optical network) and active optical access technology compared to, PON due to the elimination of the active equipment between the central office and the client, making simple maintenance, high reliability, low cost, and can save fiber resources It is the main solution for FTTH. FTTH systems ranging from room OLT (Optical Line Terminal Optical Line Terminal) equipment has been ODN (Optical Distribution Network) to the user ONU (Optical Network Unit Optical Network Unit, also known as light cat, light MODEM), its advantages are as follows: FTTH genus passive optical network, from the central office OLT through ODF room out over the cross light box, optical splitter to the home, the intermediate device is basically passive. The communication capacity, transmission distance, very suitable for the current demand for high bandwidth services;  use multipoint single-fiber system, save a lot of fiber resources; ONU can be processed quickly through remote network management, fault, maintenance efficient, easy maintenance, high reliability, and low cost. FTTH total splitting ratio is generally controlled within 1:64, it can be used in two spectral structure based on business needs: one is save optic fiber resources generally use two spectroscopic structure; 2 In addition to government and enterprise customers or cluster users like. for ease of maintenance, reduce ODN point of failure, reducing the optical path attenuation may recommend using a spectral structure