10/100M fiber optic mini media converter

10/100M fiber optic mini media converter

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1U 12 Slots Mini Fiber Media Converter Rack

The 1U 12 slots Fiber media converter rack is specially designed for mini Fiber Media Converters. The chassis can install multiple mini media converters business ,which provides for space saving and easy cabling. The chassis works with dual redundant power supply AC , DC optional.

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Unmanaged industrial Ethernet Switch POE+ 5 ports 100M Industrial POE Switch

Unmanaged industrial Ethernet Switch 5port 100M Industrial POE Switch

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4 port switch POE Ethernet Switch 1 fiber Quoau factory directly supply

4 x 10/100Mbps Ports and 1 Uplink Fiber Port

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10/100M Fiber Ethernet Media Converter

10/100base fiber ethernet media converter can come with single or dual fiber module for single mode or multimode signals from 10km to 120km,the usual fiber port is sc and fc.

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10/100M Singlemode & multimode Fiber Optic media converter
10/100M Singlemode & multimode Fiber Optic media converter are generally divided into two types. one is Ethernet transmission media conversion unit twisted pair electrical .short distance and long-distance optical signal exchange.commonly known as the photoelectric converter. one is after the optical signal into an electric signal. then converted to another optical signals, also called fiber optic repeater converter.

10/100M Singlemode & multimode Fiber Optic media converter types : 10/100M fiber optic media converters ; single fiber media converter;Multimode Fiber Converter‎;industrial ethernet media converter. Usually the simplex fiber optic media converter should used in paires and the duplex fiber optic media converter  can used by single. When we plan to order the media converter, we should declare the wavelength,distance,single mode or multimode, simplex or duplex.