8 wire Indoor/Outdoor Fiber Optic NID FDB08A

  • FDB08A NID
  • 8 wire NID
  • 8cores SC adapter
  • indoor/outdoor NID
  • Fiber NID

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8 wire Indoor/Outdoor Fiber Optic NID FDB08A is desigend to protect fiber connectors and fiber splices in door and outdoor fiber to home installations.
The fiber optic NID built in and swing-out splice tray and SC adapters buklhead panel.

Dimensions: 280mm*220mm*80mm(designed to mount directly to wall)
Material: Durable Industrial Grade ABS/PVC Plastic
IP Rating: IP66
Finish: High-end gloss
Color: White
Adapter options: None, SC/APC, SC/UPC, LC/APC, LC/UPC

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