6way HDPE microduct Branch closure

  • IP68
  • Ø9~45mm
  • 316(L) x 220(W) x 70(H)mm

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6way HDPE microduct Branch closure is use in the HDPE duct cable solutions.Branch in 6 ways to connect the tube cables. IP68 which make sure the 6way HDPE microduct Branch closure  directly buried underground or for aerial installations.










– Protecting Micro duct(When it sets up Air-blown fiber)
– 6 ports are good for Micro duct branching
– Size and bend radius by British standard
– Double clamping structure for holding duct
– Using body and cable gasket for 100% sealing performance
– High strength plastic for impact and durability
– Easy maintenance and reassemble
– Installment : Underground, Direct buried, Aerial

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