1u rack mount 1×16 SC APC plc splitter box manufacturer Quoau

  • 1x16 PLC splitter, SC/APC connector
  • Good channel-to-channel uniformity
  • High polarization extinction ratio
  • 1U 19"

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Quoau manufacturing the 1u rack mount 1×16 plc splitter box 19″ for years.

PLC (Planar Lightwave Circuit) splitters are Single Mode Splitters with an even split ratio from one input fiber to multiple output fibers. It is based on planar lightwave circuit technology and provides a low cost light distribution solution with small form factor and high reliability. Quoau  provides a various of 1×N and 2×N PLC splitters, including 1×2 to 1×64 and 2×2 to 2×64 1U Rack Mount type fiber PLC splitters. They are all with superior optical performance, high stability and high reliability to meet various application requirements.

Product Details

Package Style Rack Mount Configuration Type 1×16
Fiber Type Singlemode G.657A1 Connector Type SC/APC|UPC
Insertion Loss ≤13.9dB Return Loss ≥50dB
Loss Uniformity ≤1.2dB Directivity ≥55dB
Polarization Dependent Loss(PDL) ≤0.3dB Temperature Dependent Loss ≤0.8dB
Wavelength Dependent Loss ≤0.5dB Operating Bandwidth 1260~1650nm
Operating Temperature -40~85°C Storage Temperature -40~85°C

1u rack mount 1×16 plc splitter box 19″

1u rack mount 1×16 SC APC plc splitter box manufacturer Quoau

Size details

1u rack mount 1×16 SC/APC plc splitter box manufacturer

Simple Mounting and Easy Connection

1u rack mount 1×16 plc splitter box manufacturer Quoau


Low insertion loss

Low Polarization Dependent Loss

Excellent Environmental Stability

Excellent Mechanical Stability

Telcordia GR-1221 and GR-1209


Fiber to The Point (FTTX)

Fiber to The Home (FTTH)

Passive Optical Networks (PON)

Gigabit Passive Optical Networks (GPON)

Local Area Networks (LAN)

Cable Television (CATV)

Test Equipment

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