1650nm Fiber Bragg Grating FBG Filter LC pigtail

  • LC/APC or LC/PC connector
  • 1650nm
  • customize length
  • 1625nm

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1650nm Fiber Bragg Grating FBG Filter LC pigtail is the LC type fiber optic pigtail with FBG fuction.


The fiber bragg grating reflector is a low-cost specific band reflector mounted on the optical network unit (ONU) side. It can reflect light pulses (1650 +/- 5 nm) from the OTDR on the fiber line terminal (OLT) side nearly 100%, while the working bands of the passive optical network (PON) are transmitted normally. The OTDR can determine whether the fiber line is normal by detecting the signal reflected by the fiber grating reflector. When the reflected signal is lower than the normal value, the line loss is too large; when the reflection value is 0, the optical fiber line is broken.Therefore, we can maintain the fiber line in time by the real-time monitoring of the fiber line.

Its performance indicators have an impact on communication lines, insertion loss affects the loss of optical fiber lines, and return loss affects the signal quality of communication lines. It is very important to select a filter with excellent indicators.


Selected ceramic ferrules

1650nm Fiber Bragg Grating FBG Filter LC pigtail use the high-precision ceramic ferrules to achieve high-precision alignment of connectors to ensure long-term satable mechanical and optical performance.


Detection and maintenance of Passive Optical Network lines (applied to FTTx).

How does the 1650nm Fiber Bragg Grating FBG Filter LC pigtail  work ?

Example: 1650nm LC Fiber (FBG) reflector is installed in the front end of optical network ONU, and the network diagnosis of FTTX is realized with OTDR equipment.

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