10G Fiber optic Media Converter

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This 10G Fiber optic Media Converter is high-performance 10G optical media converter , Using Optical – Electrical – Electrical wavelength conversion, realize the optical signal equilibrium amplification, clock extraction and optical regeneration, and with WDM (DWDM/CWDM) technology, can achieve optical signals transmit in a single fiber by single or multiple way over a long distance. On the existing network infrastructure, it can quickly improve the communication capacity, expand the bandwidth, while using low cost and high cost-effective solutions to manage and operate the system, easy operation and maintenance.


  • Support Jumbo Frame
  • Transparent Transport and very low delay
  • Support ITUT prescribed DWDM/CWDM wavelength
  • Support Loopback test function
  • Support hot plugging
  • Full State Led display
  • Easy installation


Transmission mode Technical Indexes
Transmission Speed 10Gb/s
Protocols IEEE802.3an(10Gbase-T)


Access Type 10G LAN
Interface Type RJ45 To/From SFP+

RJ45 To/From XFP

Transmission Distance SFP+ module: Up to 80Km

XFP module:Up to 80Km

10Gbase-T: 100meters Cat .6a cable

Maximum Packet

Forwarding Rate

Power supply specifications and dimensions AC:100V~240V  50~60HZ

DC:40V~50V    50~60HZ

power consumption≤6W(without module)
External AC-DC 20W

communication module power

Demissions 156mm * 128mm  * 32mm

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