ST Fiber Optic Attenuator

Advantages & Features

  • High durability and resistance
  • Female to Male or Female to Female types
  • Attenuation value from 1dB to 30dB
  • Low polarization related loss
  • Attenuation accuracy and stability
  • Compliance with TIA/IEA, IEC, RoHS
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Product details for ST Fiber Optic Attenuator

st fiber optic attenuator includes st single mode female to male and female to female fiber optic attenuator from 1dB to connect st fiber optic pigtail or patch cables to reduce the power of signal at a certain attenuation.

ST fiber attenuators are used inline to reduce the fiber optic power by a certain fixed value. They are high attenuation accuracy and working temperature from -40 C to +75 C. Our ST fiber optic attenuators are made according to industrial standards

ST Fiber Optical attenuators with the development of optical communication industry and the emergence of a very important fiber optical passive components, ST Fiber optical attenuators is to reduce the energy of the fiber optical signal to an optical device. For input optical power attenuation to avoid distortion due to the optical receiver input power leaving the super-generated.

ST Fiber Optical attenuation testing system characteristics: high levels of attenuation accuracy, low excess loss, good stability.

ST Fiber Optic AttenuatorS classification: (1) an adjustable fiber optic attenuator: Variable Optical Attenuator (VOA) has a wide application in optical communications, and its main function is to reduce or control the optical signal. We launched a new type of continuously adjustable, high energy laser attenuation coefficient of the attenuator. The device is not only simple structure, less components, small size, and easy production, low cost, and ease of integration with other devices.

(2) Fixed optical attenuators: Fixed optical attenuator for optical fiber systems may use the principle of multiple functions. (3) fiber optic attenuator Male to Female: It is a well – female means for different connector design (LC / SC / FC / ST / MU), PC, UPC or APC polishing (APC cone or optional stepped ferrule), attenuation values: 1 ~ 30dB, wavelength: singlemode 1310um, 1550um; or dual wavelength; 850um multimode or dual-wavelength, with dust cap.

ST-APC Female to Male Fiber Optic Attenuators 2db

ST-APC Multi-mode Male to Female Fiber Optic Attenuators 2db

ST-PC Female to Female Fiber Optic Attenuator 10db

ST-PC Variable Fiber Optic Attenuator 10db

ST-PC Female to Male Fiber Optic Attenuator 15db

ST-PC Female to Male Fiber Optic Attenuator 15db

ST-ST Simplex Air Gap Fiber Attenuator, 5dB, 1310nm, Male-Female, Zinc (3)

ST-ST Simplex Air Gap Fiber Attenuator, 5dB, 1310nm, Male-Female, Zinc


ST Single mode fiber optic attenuator

ST Fiber Optic attenuators structures:

ST-PC Female to Male Fiber Optic Attenuator

ST-PC Female to Male Fiber Optic Attenuator

ST Male to Female fiber optic attenuators features:

the metal ion-doped optical fiber attenuation achieve attenuation;

high power;light light weight, small size;

high accuracy, good stability, in various forms, easy to use;

ST Fiber optic attenuator range of applications: optical distribution frame, fiber optic networks, high-speed fiber optic transmission systems, cable television systems (CATV), long haul dense wavelength division multiplexing system (DWDM), an optical add-drop multiplexer (OADM).


Package option: In a compact plastic box with individual compartments and corresponding lables showing different attenuation.

Packaging and logistics

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