What Is LC to LC FTTA Military Grade patch cord

Advantages & Features

  • Compact, light weight
  • 100% tested and individual package
  • Low insertion and high return loss
  • Excellent in bending crush
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Product details for What Is LC to LC FTTA Military Grade patch cord

Quoau profession manufaturer of Military Grade patch cord and special fiber optic path cables in Guagnzhou,OEM&ODM is possible.

What is FTTA: Fiber To The Antenna?

Today’s users of mobile devices depend on wireless connections for their voice, data and even video communications. Even homes and businesses may depend on wireless, especially those who are not in urban or suburban areas served by FTTH (fiber to the home) or FTTC (fiber to the curb.) Some of us in the business now use the term FTTW for fiber to wireless, since wireless depends on fiber for the communications backbone and increasingly the connection to the wireless antennas, no matter what kinds of wireless we use.

Why choose FTTA?

The reason fiber is being used to connect towers and then go up the tower to connect the antennas is consumers insatiable desire for bandwidth. To accommodate more bandwidth in the cellular systems, new cellular protocols being are used (4G, LTE, and whatever comes next) but also more antennas are needed to support more frequencies. Thus cell towers that once had 3 antennas for coverage may have two dozen antennas.

Most of the FTTA fiber optic patch cords are use the LC connectors, due to the LC connectors is small. and the lc to LC FTTA Military Grade patch cord is used to suitable the Harsh Environment. The tight buffer fibers are stranded around a central strength member, and it is wrapped with a layer of aramid yarn, then the cable is completed with an outer sheath.

Military Grade Fiber optic patch Cables

Military Grade Fiber optic patch Cables

LC duplex Military Grade Fiber Cables features:

Compact, light weight and flexible;
Aramid yarn makes the cable have excellent tensile strength ;
Excellent in bending crush resistance and corrosion resistance;

Military Grade Fiber Cables application:

Cabling in the harsh environment;
Temporary cabling and emergency cabling;
Communication between radars or in oil field

LC to LC duplec Military Grade Fiber Cables.



of cores

Diameter Tensile strength Crush resistance Bending radius
Tight buffer Cable Long term Short term Long term Short term Static Dynamic
(mm) (N) (N/cm) (mm)
4 0.9±0.05 5.5±0.2 600 1800 600 1800 28 55


Fiber type Attenuation ( Max ) Macro bend loss ( Max )
1310nm 1550nm Φ=32mm, 1(turn) Φ=60mm, 100(turn)
(dB/km) (dB)
G.652 D 0.40 0.30 0.05 @1550nm 0.05 @1625nm


Transportation & Storage Installation Operation Remarks
-70℃ — +85℃ -55℃ — +85℃ -55℃ — +85℃ RoHS

All values above can be customized.

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