Ftth 8 Cores Mini Fiber Optic Distribution Box FTTH08B

Advantages & Features

  • Reasonable inner design for optical fiber
  • High-strength plastic
  • Capacity of 8 cores basically
  • Suitable for SC,LC,ST,FC fiber adapter
  • Fiber pigtail or splitters can be installed
  • Easy for fiber bending radius and operation
  • UV-resistant
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Product details for Ftth 8 Cores Mini Fiber Optic Distribution Box FTTH08B

High Quality High Quality Odf 8cores can be installed with 8pcs sc,fc,lc fiber optic adapter to fix and splice & fiber optic pigtails. there are various designs for 8 cores ftth optical distribution box to fit the ftth network cabling.
This FTTH08B Odf 8core Fiber Optic Distribution Box protection grade is usually IP65and it is mainly installed in both wall-mounted or pole-mounted way.


1. High-strength plastic,UV,UV-resistant,resistant to rain
2. Overhead for indoor and outdoor use with wall
3. Of the box a “lock” structure,opening and closing of the box simple,convenient and safe use of locking features.
4. Splice tray page design easy to use,with the sub-fiber splice more rational distribution of complete separation.
5. The structure of GJS-T001 termination box is innovative,designed in up-down bisection.Its installtion is quite simple.By untightening one piece of fixing nut,it succeeds in opening the housing and allows fiber cable and pigtails to pass in and out in one side.The box is made of high-strengh polycarbonate plastic materials,which has mechanical stength,therefore it is reliable and long lasting,it is of nice shape and beautiful appearance.
6. The elastic material is used to fix pigtail.When distribution of pigtail can not be determined,it is possible to wind pigtail into clasp.Whenever it is needed,the connector could be installed outside of the housing,there fore it can connect termiantion equipment without connecting adapters.

High Quality Fiber Distribution Box 8ports details show as below:


ftth Terminal Box With Sc/apc Pagtail  FTTB08B over view


Odf 8core Fiber Optic Distribution Box FTTH02B


Size:mm  L×W×H Function Adaptor type Max ratio Max capacity(F)
240x195x66 Cable terminal,passive splitter SC,LC 1:8 8


No. Specification Carton size(cm) Capacity N.W Remarks
1 Inner box 27.5x20x8 1pc 0.75-0.86kg Configuration as per weight
2 Outer box 57x43x44.5 20pc 15-17.2kg Configuration as per weight

Packaging and logistics

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