Filter Wavelength Division Multiplexer

Advantages & Features

  • Low polarization dependent loss
  • Low insertion loss and high directivtity
  • Good stability and the reliability
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Product details for Filter Wavelength Division Multiplexer

Filter wavelength division multiplexer is to combine or separate 1310nm and 1550nm band signal. offering very flat and wide pass band, high isolation,low insertion and epoxyfreeand Telecordia GR-1209 compliant.

The Filter Wavelength Division Multiplexer series are based on enviromentally stable Thin Film
Filters technology. The devices combine or separate light at different wavelength in a wide
wavelength range. They offer very low insertion loss, low polarization dependence, high isolation
and excellent environmental stability. High power handling capability can be achieved through unique
pigtail processing and high quality AR coating. These components have beed extensively used in
EDFA, Raman amplifier, WDM networks and fiber optics instrumentation.

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