Fiber optic drop tube factory custom Quoau

Advantages & Features

  • LOSH
  • optic fiber tube
  • customized type
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Product details for Fiber optic drop tube factory custom Quoau

Fiber optic drop tube is made by LOSH tube and low friction liner inside.

Quoau supply the Fiber optic drop tube that is used to  rute fibre modules to the customers premises. The internal drop tube is a 5mm diameter LSOH tube with a low friction liner on the inside wall of the tube. The tube also contains a preinstalled pulling rope to make fibre installation easy.

Fiber optic drop tube detials:

Fiber optic Drop tube

Packed by drum


Fiber optic Drop tube structure

Drop tube constructurer

Features and Benefits
• Low Friction tube with an anti static bore.
• Supplied with a pulling rope pre-installed for easy fibre
• Tube plugs are available to ensure access to the pulling
rope when cutting the drop tube into lengths.
• Available in internal and external formats. External
format is the internal tube with an extra polyethylene
sheath. See data sheet AC018.
• Reduced Fire Hazard Tube.

Technical Data
• Outer tube diameter: 5.0mm
• Inner tube diameter: 3.5mm
• Maximum Tensile: 80N
• Crush Rating: 0.4kN
• Impact: 1J
• Operating temperature: -20oC to + 40oC (5 to 95% RH)
• Material:- LSOH UL V0
• Finish:- White


Packaging and logistics

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