E2000 Single mode Multimode Fiber Optic Pigtails OEM&ODM

Advantages & Features

  • Suitable for SMF or MMF cable
  • 100% tested and individual package
  • Low insertion and high return loss
  • Smart design easy for operation
  • Excellent exchangeability
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Product details for E2000 Single mode Multimode Fiber Optic Pigtails OEM&ODM

e2000 fiber optic pigtail includes e2000 single mode or multimode fiber optic pigtail with 9/125um,50/125um,62.5/125um indoor fiber optic cable. that is OS1,OM1,OM2,OM3 even OM4 fiber optic cable.the usual polishing type is pc,upc and apc for the e2000 fiber optic pigtail.

E2000 Single mode Multimode Fiber Optic Pigtails are widely used as its good performance.E2000 optic pigtail features a spring-loaded shutter used to protect the ferrule from dust and E2000ratches. we supplies possibly the highest quality E2000 optic pigtails available.which address the highest of specifications encountered in the telecommunications market.

E2000 Single mode Multimode Fiber Optic Pigtails OEM&ODM

These E2000 optic pigtail offer unparalleled insertion loss mating figures, exhibit exceptional repeatability, whilst maintaining the already well established, superior features of the E2000 optic pigtail family.The E-2000 Pigtail Series is one of the few fiber optic pigtails featuring a spring-loaded shutter which fully protects the ferrule from dust and scratches. The shutter closes automatically when the pigtail is disengaged, locking out impurities which could later lead to network failure, and locking in potentially harmful laser beams.

The pigtail is easy to install, with a push-pull latching mechanism which clicks when fully inserted. The E-2000 Standard Pigtail is available for single mode and Multimode applications with Physical Contact (PC) end face. Angled Physical Contact (APC) 8 polish is also available. The series is compliant with European (EN 186270) and International (IEC 61754-15) standards.
The E-2000 is manufactured by Reichle and De-Massari under license of Diamond SA, CH-6616, Losone, Switzerland.

E2000 fiber optic pigtail Single mode details:

Single mode E2000 fiber optic pigtails

E2000  APC single mode fiber optic pigtails


E2000 UPC Single mode 3.0mm corning fiber optic pitails

E2000 fiber optic pigtail Multi mode details:


E2000 50/125 multimode OM2 fiber optic pigtails


E2000 62.5/125 multimode OM2 fiber optic pigtails

1. Telecommunications
2. Local Area Network (LAN)
3. Fiber to the home (FTTH)
4. Optical patch panels
5. Testing Instruments
Fiber Optic Cables are 100-percent tested for quality
Offers the optimal solution for high-speed data transmission
100% tested for reliability and performance
NXD Lifetime Warranty

Pakaging and logistic:

Packaging and logistics

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